Tutorials: MIDI & VST [Video Download]

Here you can download our video tutorials on MIDI & VST for free
 VST and MIDI Setup Tips (Length: 07:12)

Here you can see how to configure MIDI and set up VST instruments

 Download as ZIP file

Audio to MIDI Trigger (Length: 06:51)

Introduction on how to create a midi file based on the transient detection of a kick drum

 Download as ZIP file

Multiple Outs in Kontakt (Length: 10:35)

Learn assigning multiple outs, adding busses, freezing midi and using solo states

 Download as ZIP file

Multiple Outs in Independence (Length: 05:17)

Learn assigning multiple outs in Independence

 Download as ZIP file

Multiple Outs in Jamstix (Length: 10:25)

Learn assigning multiple outs in Jamstix and using the MIDI Drum Editor

 Download as ZIP file

Using EZ player pro in Samplitude (Length: 10:29)

This shows you how to fire up Toontrack’s EZ player pro in Samplitude and gets you up and running with EZ player pro and Superior Drummer

 Download as ZIP file

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