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On our tutorial category we present video clips and communicate:

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Additionally: The first series of video clips have been created by the experienced Samplitude user “Kraznet”, surely familiar to many from our user forum.

Kraznet is a sound engineer and has played bass for many years, for example for “Karl’s Kühne Gassenschau” and “Clear Blue Sky”. He earned his spurs as a sound engineer in the “Charlie Watts Big Band” and as assistant engineer for “Rolling Stones Mobile”. Kraznet is also a carpenter and builds speakers (for Martin Audio, Quested, Turbosound, Nexo and others) Since 1989 Kraznet has also been using computers to make music, working at the beginning with “Notator” on an Atari 1040 and later on Mac Quadra 650 with “Logic Audio”. Finally, he had discovered Samplitude and has since used it as his main program for composition and producing.

About Falk

Product Manager Samplitude / Music Studio / Cleaning Lab / Plug-ins Guitarist / Songwriter / Musician 28 years, Berlin

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