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Samplitude Academy – Drum Replacement

Drum replacement This time around we’re going to show you how you can optimize existing drum recordings by using the drum replacement feature. Drum replacement involves replacing or enhancing recorded instruments, such as the kick or snare, with samples. This allows you to add nuances while mixing drums to get the sound you want.   […]

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Samplitude Academy: Distorted Guitars and Bass in the Mix

Distorted Guitars and Bass in the Mix When mixing distorted electric guitars, it important to include the bass signal in the process. This way, you can supplement both signals without reducing the intensity.   Splitting the bass Let’s listen to the bass track: Step 1: We first split the bass signal by creating a new […]

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Samplitude Academy – Mixing with VCA’s

Mixing with VCA’s VCA stands for “Voltage Controlled Amplifier”. VCA’s have traditionally been used in analog consoles to control the amplification of several individual signals with a single fader. This works sort of like a remote control that allows you to group together complex mixer channel structures which can be controlled by corresponding VCA group […]

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