Bob Humid – New album: Brockdorff Klang Labor – “Die Fälschung der Welt”

Brockdorff Klang Labor on the march!

Samplitude user Robert “Bob Humid” Feuchtl played a significant role in producing, mixing, and mastering the promising album “Die Fälschung der Welt” brought to the world by one of the flagship bands from Leipzig. The trio worked with him on the album for over three years. It’s worth mentioning that the production setup comprised predominantly of mixing and object editing in Samplitude.


Brockdorff Klang Labor’s electronically-tinted tracks spill over into rock and pop melodic/harmonic syntheses and are enjoying unbridled success in the Amazon Dance / Electro Charts. The artists have promoted the Nr. 1 placing in lots of magazines and newspapers. We’re publishing this article for Samplitude’s glory. Here we can see again just how high a level of professionalism it is possible to achieve with a single DAW.


Bob Humid commented on this memorable time as follows:

It was damn tough work. We’ve been coordinating a whole bunch of good people for over three years for this exceptional band from Leipzig for the hotly anticipated album “Die Fälschung der Welt”. […] . This intensely perfectionist band, which have tortured me ever so mildly with their changes and special wishes, have also become close friends of mine over the years and despite the 3 million screws we’ve tightened together everything is holding up well between us, I think. […] . I am inexplicably excited that the baby is finally going to be born… […] . One track, “Festung Europa”, won the SPEX protest song competition in the summer and reached #11 in the SPEX year charts. Yay! The current single “1989” however, is dedicated to the spirit of the fall of the Berlin Wall, it’s perfectly tuned for radio pop and is one of those uncommon productions in which extremely accessible light pop music is married with subtly encoded lyrics. A typical characteristic of this band is they have great lyrics – it’s all killer and no filler. Raise the curtain!



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