Samplitude/Sequoia workshops in Denmark


Producer and composer Dan Stangerup is introducing himself and explains the concept of his workshops:

“As a part of returning event – the 14 day long Rythmic summer school at Den Rytmiske Højskole ( hosting a 16 student Songwriter/Producer class, Sequoia was chosen as the preferred mastering solution for the students projects already back in 2009. No other DAW offered/offers so many built in mastering plugins and meters in one package as Sequoia. The bit transparency of the audio engine and the high data integrity (also mentioned in Bob Katz “Mastering Audio”) appeared so obvious in practice that no student were in doubt of the results that Sequoia could acomplish with their mixes. We even used FFT filters to let the students choose a reference song sound characterisitcs and be able to adapt it to their song.

dan stangerup

Dan “Mr. Mellow” Stangerup is a producer and composer since 1995, doing pop songs in Denmark/worldwide. He was nominated in the US Grammy Category “Best World Music Album” as a composer/producer “No Worry” on Angelique Kidjo´s album “Oremi”. Dan is repeatedly presenting his productions and Mastering tips doing production workshops with Sequoia/Samplitude, next time in October as a part of the Royal School of Theater´s ( sound engineer education. In fact the Royal Danish Theatre use Sequoia mainly for acoustic and classical multi track recording, using the 4 point editing functions easing and speeding up editing and consolidation of rubato non-tempo orchestral takes.”

Next dates (for registered students only):

24/9: Basic Samplitude/Sequoia
4/10: Advanced Samplitude/Sequoia

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