Samplitude Academy – Tempo Adjustment in Samplitude


Tempo changes can be defined by means of the tempo marker in the marker bar or by using the marker button tempo1_int.


The Tempo Map can be opened through “Edit” > „Tempo” > „Tempo Map”. The tempo map displays all tempo markers and thereby determines the musical position for each time position.


The tempo map defines the bar grid.


This means that the bar grid is made up of all the tempo markers. Samplitude offers you convenient options for adjusting the bar grid to existing material (audio/video/MIDI).

You can also display and edit a graphic display in the tempo track. A tempo track contains the project tempo map as an automation curve. Each automation point of the curve corresponds to a tempo marker.


BPM marker, tempo curve (>) and beat change (3/8) – under the tempo track.

In addition to the display in the tempo map dialog and the tempo track, the current values for tempo (BPM) and the time signature at the playback marker position are displayed in the transport console.


Tempo markers
Tempo markers signify a tempo change at a specific position in the project. They appear either as
BPM markers or as Grid position markers according to the Tempo Map mode.

BPM Markers (red)
You can define tempo changes for each musical position directly in the project window using BPM markers. When setting a BPM marker, a new tempo is defined at the corresponding position. A new project first has a single “Master” tempo which can be defined in the transport console or in the project settings (keyboard shortcut: “I”).

This master tempo affects either the entire project or the start of the project up to the first BPM marker.

Exception: If the tempo should be interpolated to the first tempo marker, the master tempo is only effective directly at the project start and proceeds linearly to the tempo of the next BPM marker.

You can set tempo changes directly in the project window at any time or for any musical position (even between beats) using the BPM marker or corresponding tempo curve point.

Step 1: Place the playback marker at the position where the tempo change should take place.

Step 2: Right-click on the marker bar to open the marker menu.

Step 3: Go to „Tempo Marker” > „Set BPM marker”


Step 4: Enter the desired tempo change in BPM (beats per minute) in the “Tempo and Signature” dialog and confirm by clicking “OK”.


The tempo markers are set to the next snap point relative to the playback position when the grid is active. Dragging the tempo marker while holding down the “Alt” key temporarily deactivates the snap function.

Note: Samplitude does not automatically adjust the audio objects in the arrangement when the tempo is changed using tempo markers. In order to change the length of audio objects to the defined tempo changes, use the pitch shift/time stretch mode and drag them to the end of the back edge of the audio object until this matches the original beat marking.



Grid Position Markers (green)
Grid position markers assign a specific musical position to a specific time position.

If you move a grid position marker, you’ll see how the bar grid is immediately adjusted. In the tempo track you can apply the effects of the bar grid changes to the tempo.


A grid position marker defines the tempo indirectly, causing the tempo before the marker to be adjusted in such a way as to reach the desired musical position exactly at the marker position. This way, the bar frame/grid and MIDI events can be easily synchronized with existing audio material.

Bar marker (blue)
Bar markers change the time signature at the marker position, e.g. from 4/4 to 3/4. They can only be inserted at the borders of bars and must also be positioned at bar borders when moved.

You can also change the time signature when creating BPM markers and grid markers.

Another way of accessing and editing tempo markers is by using the Marker Manager that we described in detail last time.


In Part 2 of the tutorial we’ll show you how to create tempo changes and tempo progressions using the Tempo Map and Tempo Track…

Have fun working with tempo markers!

Your Samplitude Team

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