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Samplitude Academy – Mixing with VCA’s

Mixing with VCA’s VCA stands for “Voltage Controlled Amplifier”. VCA’s have traditionally been used in analog consoles to control the amplification of several individual signals with a single fader. This works sort of like a remote control that allows you to group together complex mixer channel structures which can be controlled by corresponding VCA group […]

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Samplitude Academy: Using EQ: Bass in the Mix

Using EQ: Bass in the Mix   The bass is extremely important for the audio characteristics of the entire mix, because its energy has an effect on the majority of the frequency spectrum. Together with the drums, it also defines the rhythmic progression of a song. For this reason, it is very important for the […]

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Samplitude Academy – Drums in the Mix 3

Using EQ: Drums in the Mix   Toms Generally speaking, all the toms used should be tuned to one another. Because the wanted signals and resonance frequencies of toms are often very similar, you have to be careful when cutting frequency ranges. For the floor tom, boost the fundamental tone at around 100 Hz, and […]

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