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Samplitude Academy – Double tracking a guitar

This time, we’ll show you how to get a bold, assertive guitar sound by recording multiple guitar parts (doubling) and mixing them. We would like to thank Abraham Rodriguez for his recordings ( Step 1: Record your guitars in multiple takes. When doubling, make sure to line up attacks as much as you can and […]

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Samplitude-Academy: Using EQ: Guitar in the Mix

Using EQ: Guitar in the Mix Guitars play a decisive role in the mix when it comes to emphasizing the harmony structure and melody. Depending on the music style, the audio characteristics of the guitar sounds can vary considerably. In addition, distorted guitars have a sound image which is different from clean or acoustic guitars. […]

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Samplitude Academy – Drums in the Mix 3

Using EQ: Drums in the Mix   Toms Generally speaking, all the toms used should be tuned to one another. Because the wanted signals and resonance frequencies of toms are often very similar, you have to be careful when cutting frequency ranges. For the floor tom, boost the fundamental tone at around 100 Hz, and […]

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